2 more – great social media infographics

Thought I’d share two recent infographics from Flowtown.    Enjoy.   

Together these graphics illustrates the scale of various social networks and the demographics – QUICKLY.    (click graphics for larger images)

1. 2010 Social Network Map

The social media landscape continues to rise and tumble.  This map infographic was published in August 2010 and shows the current state and scale of the social-sphere.   

Key Thought: Twitter & Facebook are two different animals with two different engagement uses. Do they both always belong in the media mix? 











 2. 2010 Social Media Demographics

 Who’s on social networks continues to evolve as the channel  mainstreams. Gender, age, education and income are depicted below. 

That said, the graphic also provides marketers insight on the character of the community and fit for product.       

For an understanding of which generations are using social networks… click here .

Worth a Visit: Flowtown



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