~hello…this blog has moved over to the new HM-2 website…here.

Hello. I’m Holly McKie, founder of HM-2 and . . .a Marketing Development strategist – Advocate for meaningful brand experiences – Economic realist in real estate and community development – and lastly an Avid Student always.

 If you’re somehow related to the business of creating large-scale communities, chances are we know each other, or we know the same people.

Every day I explore what is going on in the world at large and how that speaks to great experiences, the building industry and/or connecting with people.    I write when I can, so occaisionally I tend go AWOL on this blog, but you can always reach me over at HM-2.com and many times on twitter. 

I hope you enjoy the blog and thanks for dropping by.  Cheers –  Holly


HM-2 is a marketing development firm that revitalizes client marketing approach and systems to be more effective as well as conducts advanced market research and marketing initiatives related to community development.

With a demonstrated commitment to innovation, HM-2 counsels its clients on how to leverage marketing best practices from diverse categories to engage people, provide remarkable customer experience and build brand equity. The company is increasingly advising marketers on Social Media Marketing for Places, its approach to employing social media, content and influencers to achieve the marketing and customer needs of a planned community.

Clients include: Community Developers, Land Owners, Asset Management Firms and professional firms related to the building industry.