a cheat sheet on social media

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As social media changes so rapidly, perhaps a current overview on the active platforms may be helpful.  Below is another great infographic by Flowtown & ColumnFive .

some notes

While strong on fundamentals, a few “misses” & thoughts on the graphic…

  • LinkedIn…the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with more than 150 million members. This network should be included as it is strong for recruiting and  “B to B” marketing. Consider in 2011 57% of businesses reported acquiring a customer via LinkedIn- a higher % than Facebook &Twitter.  (source: HubSpot State of Inbound Marketing Report, 2011)
  • Objectives… while the “Pros” column touches on how the social media channel is strong, a bit more on how it works best in a marketing application would have been nice. Jumping into anything with out a clear objective is rather ridiculous imho. (Also, saying “we just need to have a presence”…isn’t a valid objective- no matter how many of competitors are in the space.)  [For more on marketing objectives in 2 more great infographics…click here.
  • Blogs…A blog is a social media channel which probably deserves a mention. Similar to LinkedIn – 57% of businesses reported acquiring a customer via a company blog.  (source: HubSpot State of Inbound Marketing Report, 2011). That said, some companies are dropping blogs due to the time and resources to maintain and are substituting in Facebook –  which isn’t a good idea in my opinion and a topic for another time.

Key Thought…  Today  marketing requires authentic connection and social media is here to stay.  So be strategic in your approach and where you participate  – do so remarkably well. Enjoy!  (click below to enlarge graphic)


social media – in real life…

Perhaps you  know someone who shuns social media,  but doesn’t really understand what it is they are rejecting.  Then there are those who recognize the various social media names – enjoy Facebook perhaps – but they are still a bit fuzzy on what people use the various channels for. They know something interesting is happening… but what is it?

This ‘fuzziness” about what people are really doing on  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Focus, YouTube, blogs and now Google+  isn’t limited to your mom.

Companies of all sizes jump into the social space and proceed to  “go against the grain with what  people are doing there”.  It’s like sitting down suddenly at a stranger’s dinner, bringing out a sales presentation for insurance and then later wondering why you didn’t get the result you wanted.

2 reasons to “get” how people use social media

1. Social media offers valuable tools that can  enhance your  life…not replace it.    It can open your world in ways that – inspire, teach, entertain.

When you do get involved, the thing that may surprise you is that in these very tech-driven spaces, most of the experiences feel quite “human”.  I say “most”  because there are people who will constantly try to sell you something, promise you’ll get “rich while eating pizza”  etc.

However, that noise quickly fades into the background as you can tune out- unfollow-unlike as you like, similar to “tivo’ing the commercials”.

2.  Social media can get you closer to customers to demonstrate a) who you are and b) why you are relevant.  Do this well and you will build valuable brand equity and grow revenue. Consider the recent survey by Forbes Insights that found on average Global Brand Executives now attribute 52% of their brand’s reputation to how “social” it is today.

This is about sitting down to a dinner you were invited to and being an enjoyable guest…who is asked back. Then eventually invited to parties.  Hopefully, lots of parties. (yes a metaphor for sales & recommendations) 

a candid take on what’s happening

The key objective in the graphic below is to illustrate what’s really going on online, so you can make an informed decision on where you want to spend time and how it may help you.  (click here for the pdf)

Key Takeaways for Marketers

For brands hoping to garner attention in the social space, build positive brand equity, and earn additional sales – a couple of key points:

  1. Bring content to the table that fits with what people are really doing on that channel.
  2. Mind the culture, be polite, be positive and above all be “human”.  Remember behind almost every word, sound & image is a real life breathing person.

Next Post: Part 2 “Homebuilder are Getting Social”  Stay tuned.