homebuilders are getting social…

Last time, we discussed how people use social media channels in real life …AND that by “going with” the culture & purpose of each channel, companies can build valuable relationships, brand equity and ultimately revenue.  (click graphic to enlarge)

The following builds on that concept. Enjoy!   ———

Below are a few of the brands in real estate that really “get social media” and why they are so engaging.  (To find these inspiring examples, the following were reviewed:  public builders, 2010 JD Powers listed builders for Southern California and their top regional builders and more.)

some social homebuilders…

LENNAR (National) – Hard to imagine that anyone would deny that Lennar leads in social media for this category. Over 87,000 people ‘Like’ them on Facebook and 94,000 follow on Twitter. However, that’s not why the nation’s 3rd largest homebuilder is listed here (but it sure doesn’t hurt!)

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Homebuilders with Klout and What’s Klout…

6/1/11 UPDATE:Klout scores change constantly as the activity in social media is dynamic. I checked back on the Builders in this post 60 days later to see if anything had changed. It had for the positive. Updates shown in orange. ————

In my on-going experiments in social media, I’ve become slightly addicted to  Klout  – the service that measures social web influence based off of twitter and Facebook activity.    Klout analyzes Reach with true Followers/Likes, Engagement with Retweets, Comments, Mentions etc. and Content with topic, frequency  to decide how high your Klout score is. (Range: 1 to 100 with higher being better). 

On the fun side you can easily check out how you rank, how your friends rank and how your competitors rank. KloutPerks add to the experience with the potential to get Free Stuff for being an Influencer. (When I looked into it a Klout Score of 53-70 got some OC locals a sneak Free Movie Preview of a Matt Damon film. My Score…29 to 30 (46)- so goes the dream. ) 

On the business side  a Klout Score is a simple metric to track  social influence on the web.  With Klout, a business can see if they are improving over time. However, this is purely quantitative and  popularity doesn’t always equal real influence. So, take this with “a grain of salt” and a quick look. Note: if you don’t have goals and a strategy in social media – you may grow your influence in a meaningless fashion for your business. A wasted effort.

For brands that want to “get the word out” on a product, KloutPerks offers an interesting vehicle that follows a Code of Ethics for all Influencers to help maintain authenticity. Consider reaching specific influencers by known geography, interest, and sphere of influence.  (See how this applies to the building industry?  ;)  KloutPerks reminds me of Tryvertising” – but MORE.

Klout Influence Matrix 

The Klout Influence Matrix can be used as a framework to bring intention to what you are doing in social media and insight into the dynamics of the social space. 

The matrix shows how people act in social media, by summarizing approaches into 16 profiles. If you understand the Influence Profile that that fits your brand strategy, you can tailor your actions towards achieving it. Act with intention in the social space and you’ll move towards goals.   For a larger version of the matrix – click here.

So…Who’s got Klout in the Building Industry…

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