how remarkable is your brand?

Is your brand “remarkable” ?   A huge question that in today’s marketplace really asks “Are you engagingly marketable?” 

Communication is now overflowing with irrelevant clutter;  providing instant transparency; and social media allows everyone to comment with just a click.  For this environment – let’s redefine the word “remarkable”. 

“re·mark·a·ble:(adj) worthy of remarking on.”    

If something is remarkable –    talking about it, actually makes you more interesting . 

Let that sink in.  What is the potential demand for being perceived as more interesting?    What does that mean on Facebook…Twitter…the blogosphere?

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2 more – great social media infographics

Thought I’d share two recent infographics from Flowtown.    Enjoy.   

Together these graphics illustrates the scale of various social networks and the demographics – QUICKLY.    (click graphics for larger images)

1. 2010 Social Network Map

The social media landscape continues to rise and tumble.  This map infographic was published in August 2010 and shows the current state and scale of the social-sphere.   

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2 great social media infographics

These are two of the best social media infographics to show how to work with various social media channels such as blogs,  Facebook , StumbleUpon, Twitter,  Technorati, YouTube – etc.  Today  marketing requires authentic connection, so be strategic in your approach and where you participate  – do so remarkably well.

1 – make social media work

2- guide to the social media landscape

(click graphic for a pdf)