What makes a great place?

If you happen to be in real estate, community development, planning, architecture, landscape architecture or homebuilding, this is a question that you think about… a lot.  I’m going out on limb to offer a definition of  “a great place” and a myriad of  journeys into the concept.  (True there is never one right answer, but it’s the questions that lead to possibilities. So…) 

A DEFINITION: A great place conjures emotional experience that is positively impactful and many times delightful.

An inspiring definition is by David Roberts is: Great Places. Making the places we live and work more resilient, intelligent, productive, and pleasant. Making places that encourage good physical and mental health. Making places with a sense of common purpose, identity, and pride.” 

There are some people in the building industry that are exceptional at transforming emotional concepts into physical places. One such person shared “I imagine how the place should feel, smell, and live. The entire experience…”   She relies on her personal creativity & empathy honed over years.  However, this talent is rare & “places” are being created everyday. 

I hope you enjoy these explorations and maybe find some inspiration for your next place, whatever scale that may beClick the images below to travel.   Suggestions for other “great places” are very appreciated.



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